Friday, September 17, 2004

Church Planting Sacrifice

This was in the weekly newsletter from our denominational director Wayne Boyer.

God is in control...but it is not always as easy to see as it was in Middletown. I received a call this week regarding two Russian Church planters who, with their families (one had 5 children and the other had 3) moved to an area in southern Russia without churches to plant there. A couple of weeks ago they sent their children for their first day at school. THAT was the day the terrorists took over that school. When the terrorists were finally removed, the Church Planter who had five children discovered that four of them had been killed, and the Church Planter with three children found that two of their children had been killed as well. I struggle to even write this as the enormity of it all continues to affect me. One of the mothers has wept continually since the incident. Please pray for these two families and others in that area who are enduring a loss that is beyond comprehension. Pray that God will use even this tragedy to bring that entire area to Himself.

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