Friday, September 17, 2004

Today's the Day!

Today is the day we should close on our church's new property. But what a day it is going to be.

I may try to do an hour to hour update here just for fun.

8AM - Trying to get the kids ready for school. Our attorney calls. I know I have to meet him this morning. He is very thorough.

He asks, "Has everyone signed that paper I gave you yesterday?"

"Yep... wait... no... I'm not sure. Did my wife sign that? Things got really crazy right when I got home... (I go look) No. She didn't."

He asks, "Where is she?"

"She is at school. I'll go get it as soon as my mom gets here to watch the kids."

"No problem," says the lawyer. "Meet me at 10:30 with the signed papers."

9AM - Danelle (my wife) calls from school. "We are under a bomb threat. I am on the visitor side of the football field. I don't know if you can get to me or not."

9:15AM -- I got Danelle's signature.


10:30AM - Met our attorney in Charleston. All went well.

1PM - Waiting for the banker to call. She is supposed to come to Mattoon to get signatures from those guaranteeing the loan. She hasn't called. Well, my cell phone had a blank voice mail, but the phone never actually received a call. :(

1:30PM - I called the bank. She had left to come to Mattoon. They gave me her cell number. She was in Mattoon. I arranged to meet her in 10 minutes.

1:40PM - She isn't there.

1:50PM - She isn't there. I call her cell phone. She swings by and picks me up.

2:00PM - One of the signers is working today and had to move from one location to another, but everybody figured it out and we got most of the signatures.

2:15PM - Went back to the high school. Bomb threat was over. Someone had called Coles County 911 and said, "I'm going to blow up the school." Every school in Coles County had to be evacuated. But that was this morning. Danelle popped out of her class, smiled, signed, and then took a few minutes to encourage and thank the banker. She's cool.

2:30PM - Signed my papers and headed home. Closing is at 5PM!!


5:30PM - We signed the papers, got the loan, tranferred the deed. We own a building that will be remodeled so that we do ministry in Mattoon. YEAH!!!

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