Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Hansen Thinks I'm Cool!! Or at least, realizes he is not.

Brant commented on Brian McLaren's desire not to be a single-issue voter --
"I hate it -- because dang it, it's not very cool to be anything approaching single-issue -- but I can't adopt McClaren's approach."

Here is my "thinking through the issue" that would lead me to not being single-issue.

Let's assume that I actually do care about the 1,000,000 aborted babies per year. If that is the case and this is a single issue for me, then I would do the following:
1. I would give all my extra money to crisis pregnancy centers.
2. I would be sure I had an extra bedroom in my home so we could take in a girl in crisis.
3. I would adopt at least two unwanted babies.
4. I would spend a lot of time loving young girls with no fathers and spending time with young men to teach them to be responsible.
5. I would insist that my elected President appoint a Supreme Court justice who would overturn Roe V Wade, unlike the last several Republican presidents have done.
6. I would vote strictly pro-life for US congress, but I wouldn't worry much about voting pro-life governors at this point. They probably have more influence over other issues that concern me.

What I see pro-life people doing is:
1. Voting single-issue, usually Republican and usually adding that you need to be a Republican to be a Christian because you can be wrong on other issues but not this one.
2. Putting a bumper sticker on their car stating how awful it is to have an abortion and ensuring that anyone considering an abortion will not talk to them.

Millions are dying of abortions. Millions are dying of AIDs in Africa. Millions are dying of starvation due to corrupt governments. Millions are unable to live their life to their potential. Thousands are wrongly in prison. No, personally, I won't make it a single issue for me, but that doesn't mean it is not an important issue for me.

The government can not solve the abortion problem because God commissioned the church to do it.

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