Thursday, September 09, 2004

Pro-Life Voting or Revolution

I long for conversation on issues. Thanks Brant for some conversation that may just lead me somewhere.

Brant said, "First, your critique of pro-lifers is a common one, but not completely fair. My parents, for example, have a pro-life bumper sticker." (Please read Brant's comments to see the whole incredible story.)

Your parents rock. That is really awesome, and I hope that it is more of the norm than not, though I doubt it to some extent. An exception to normal doesn't make the statement unfair though. But perhaps it is unfair.

Brant also said, "I'm not sure the approach you take works. Establishing what you'd do if you "actually did care" doesn't amount to an argument dismissing our culpability in the issue when it comes to voting. It just points out that there are other things we should be doing."

This argument usually drags me in. People are being murdered, viciously -- that is abortion. If this is the case, and I'm not sure I disagree, then why on earth would you wait and vote every four years. When is revolution necessary? Would you have just watched Jews loaded up on the trains to Auschweitz and promised them that you would vote against Hitler in the next election?

As far as voting is concerned, I'm not sure I can think of one situation where a vote has made any difference on abortion in the last twenty years. Republican Presidents have failed to put conservative justices on the Supreme Court. Every other elected official really has no say at this point. (That may be an overstatement, but it has some truth. I suppose a conservative congress is necessary to affirm the appointment.)

But the question is where do I put my hope? Whenever the situation looked impossible for the disciples, Jesus would look at them with an irritated look and ask, "Why are you afraid?"

How are we to react? I'm not exactly sure. How Will Jesus Vote? I'm not sure. I'm not sure if he even will vote. He seemed to show little interest in the "important people" when he walked the earth. Is now any different?

My desire for conversation is to find an argument I'm comfortable with in my heart and one I can act from with my feet. I would be honored to have coffee with you.

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