Saturday, January 29, 2005


For five years, my business card has read the title "Keeper of the Vision." In one way, it certainly expresses what I have wanted to do, but actually now I think it is becoming a hindrance. I remember one lady saying, "Hmmm... I'm the keeper of my own vision." And I think she was right. I am not the keeper of THE vision. I am hopefully a fanner of the flame.

So maybe with new cards, I could be The Fanner of the Flame. But still the word THE. Maybe A Fanner of the Flame. But then that is a bit weird.

How about Chief Encourager? The word Chief seems a bit boastful. Surely there is another who is chiefer than I in some way about encouragement.

Then I thought about Chief Follower. I like that but then again the word Chief. So how about just Follower. What does that communicate?

Maybe as I approach 40, I should just use Pastor. Or maybe Reverend. Or if I pursue my doctorate, Reverend Doctor.

What would you choose for my business card? Please leave a comment.

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