Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Bobby Knight

Pat Knight, Bobby's son, was recently quoted:

"He won't say it, but he's a little more laid back," his son said. "Back then he treated all the players pretty much the same. Now, with all the AAU ball and just the upbringing of kids, some kids you can't yell at and some kids you can. He's been really good handling that."

Truth is you couldn't yell at all the kids back in the eighties either. Knight is a basketball genius, but I think if he could have expanded some of his horizons both relationally and with his basketball knowledge, he could have been so much better.

"I think the best coach at handling players is Phil Jackson, how he does it in the pros. But I think my dad's right up there, too. They play all the bad stuff on ESPN, and sometimes my dad is his own worst enemy. But they don't give him enough credit. I think he's matured over the years. He's more mellow, in a sense, but it's more that he knows the adjustment like, 'I can't treat this kid the way I treat that kid.' "

My wife is a better coach than I am," Knight said. "If I pick three or four people that know about basketball, she and Pete Newell would be my first two choices. So, I just wanted to thank her for all the hope she had given us in preparing for this game and the season. She doesn't always agree with the way I coach; she thinks I do a lousy job with our post players. So I told her that I told them in the second half some of the things she told me to tell them.

But then he went on Sporting News Radio

But by lashing out at his former employer, Knight also forced us to recall all the reasons he lost his job at Indiana: his foul temper, intimidating nature and his refusal to accept responsibility for the boorishness that led Indiana to create the "zero-tolerance" policy he eventually violated.

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