Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Danelle and I are watching the first season of 24. We borrowed the set from a friend. It is incredibly gripping. They leave your heart stopped almost every episode. We watched the seventh episode last night and it was the first time I really saw a flaw in the story. That is pretty impressive. I can't wait to watch the next 17 episodes and not only that, we haven't seen season 2 or 3 either!

They like to use a camera shot that is split. You see two different images but they are just different angles of the same shot. So you might see a guy doing something in one shot, but side by side is another shot which is a close up of his face. I love this technique. I don't think they used it as much in season 4, which we watched last fall.

On another note, I purchased Superfriends: Challenge of the Superfriends. My boys love it. I have yet to see a story that isn't just one big flaw though. Boy, these gripped me as a kid though. It's fun to watch them with my boys.

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