Saturday, August 13, 2005

Moby on Republicans

Aug 02, 2005 - New York City

isn't it funny(aka-sad)that republicans(i.e-george pataki and mitt romney)who are thinking of running for president have to dumb themselves down in order to be competitive on a national level?
when is a big name republican going to stand up to the arbitrarily insane right wing, who have come to control the republican party in the u.s?
when is a big name republican going to stand up and say: 'i'm a republican, but i oppose automatic weapons and cop-killer bullets. i'm a republican but i think that the morning-after pill should be available to all who choose to use it. i'm a republican but i think that evolution makes sense and should be taught in our classrooms.
i'm a republican and i'm a christian but i think that mandating school prayer is antithetical to the teachings of christ.
i'm a republican but i think that the death penalty is barbaric.
what the hell has happened to our country?
when did opposing evolution and being a fan of cop-killer bullets become the sole criteria for seeking national office?

Who is Moby? I looked over his "Play" album at Still don't know. Listened to 30 seconds of several of Moby's top downloads on Nothing sounds familiar.


Anonymous said...

At some point -- not sure when it will happen -- but sometime, it will cease to become newsworthy when people say a political party's agenda doesn't line up with Jesus' teachings.

For now, though, it continues to be news: An American political party's positions do not line up with Christ's. It continues to amaze and astound. I should think it is to be expected.

There ARE, though, some who overtly claim their party truly embodies true Christianity, like Howard Dean, Al Gore, Jim Wallis of Sojourners, etc. But they're Democrats.

They claim 1) that no one should say his political agenda is more "Christian" than another's, and 2) that their agenda is more Christian than another's.

Their claims about sharing positions with Jesus on the issues go well beyond anything claimed by the current president. I guess I could break the news that the Democratic party platform really isn't truly Christian, but it doesn't seem like much of a discovery, either.

Living in a state of constant shock, dismay, or surprise may be fun, but shouldn't our view of human nature preclude it?


Brian said...

When I read what Moby said about Republicans, I assumed and maybe wrongly that Moby is quite liberal and that his asking questions about Jesus and at least showing some interest in what Republicans were saying was in fact pretty interesting.

If Moby was bashing, I missed it.

Brian said...

To be clear, my interest is in what Moby is thinking and how he is coming to his conclusions and what outside influences are influencing his thought process. Jesus seems to be influencing his thought process. My hope, not that I will have a chance with Moby, but maybe with someone else is to fan that flame of interest in Jesus and help them to see where it leads. My interest is not in this case in politics.

Thomas said...

G'day Brian, I have enjoyed Moby's music for about a year, in his liner notes he professes to be a Christian, in his past a "fundamentalist". This may have different meaning for you than for me.

Apparently his great-great-grand-uncle wrote "Moby Dick" (thus, Moby)


Anonymous said...

I see where you're coming from -- not trying to be political.

I had heard he was a believer some time ago. That's cool. I don't know if he's trying to "bash" in this case, though he has certainly done that in the past. He likes being political and virulently anti-Bush.

I just look forward to a day when it becomes less cool, simply because it's so tiresomely obvious, to say, "You can be a Christian and not a Republican, you know."

Yes, we know. It's been said, reported, written about, proclaimed, published, preached, blogged, bannered, and broadcast for nearly 30 years, in response to the long-defunct Moral Majority.

But Jerry Falwell is still a useful cartoon, unfortunately, to push another political agenda -- an agenda that also is not Christian.

I like Moby's stuff. I LOVE the song "Porcelain", which you may want to download sometime. Cool. "South Side" is pretty popular, too. He's had several hits.