Saturday, October 01, 2005

Blog Notes

I've been SO BUSY this last week, but there were a few things I wanted to note.

I read in FastCompany that checking your email constantly lowers your IQ more than smoking marijuana. One sin is worse than another I guess. I am a sinner of the worst (worser) kind.

A man in a neighboring town calls me every couple of months at about 8 or 9 o'clock at night and really needs a gallon of milk to keep his blood sugar up. I refuse to go that late (then pray he doesn't die), then usually I take him a gallon the next day. So far no funeral. He and his wife are not bright people. They seem extremely self-centered. And I wonder, "What does Jesus mean to them?"

A local homeless man on the sexual predator list calls sometimes. The church has helped him a bit mainly because his wife is now 9 months pregnant. He called this week and said he has a van, but no gas, and was wondering if I could get him some gas so they could make it to the hospital. What are you going to say? I got there and told God, "Tell me how much gas." He said, "Five." I said, "Five dollars?" He said, "Five gallons." I looked at the price -- $2.83/gallon. I frowned at God and filled the tank. As it hit 4.92, I said, "Is that good?" God was silent. But I knew. I filled it to 5.02 gallons. Then he wanted food money. Sorry. A sexual predator is almost unemployable. It is a felony offense. It is pasted everywhere. I haven't done the research, but my impression of scientific studies are that these guys do not change. They continue their whole lives dangerous. What is a church (or a Christian) to do for such a couple? I think I know the answer but they probably wouldn't do it. What do you think?


Shawna said...

I know what I think. But I know my thoughts are not God's thoughts. So I guess the question to me is What does God think? and What is He asking me to do about it for Him?

To be honest, I don't want to know the answer. :)

By the way, Thanks. Thank you for leading by example and thank you for allowing God to lead your life.

Anonymous said...

When Jesus offered to wash Peter's feet, Peter responded but my whole body as well. What did Jesus do?

Is that relevant here?

rob smith

Christie said...

I think each situation is different and has to be handled on its own. Although it seems trite, I think we truly can depend on the Holy Spirit to guide us. But it can often be hard to balance all the issues involved in a situation. We are to show love, yet enabling a behavior isn't love. If I believe God is directing me to help someone, even if it seems crazy, I just try to respond in obedience and let Him take care of the rest.