Saturday, October 08, 2005

What I Want for Christmas

Is this wrong?

Something suspenseful by Ted Dekker
The Best That I Could Do 1978-1988 by John Cougar


sherri said...


Dekker’s Showdown is coming out December 6.
(CBD has a better blurb than Amazon.)

House, which he wrote with Frank Peretti isn’t coming out until March. So that’ll have to go in the Easter basket. ;-)

Have you read his Circle Trilogy yet? (Black, Red and White)

sherri said...
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sherri said...

Ok, what I meant to write: Being HTML-illiterate, my links above don't work, but I've no time to learn another language this morning. :-)

Brian said...

Would you suggest I go with the Circle Trilogy next?

sherri said...

I think you might want to read those before Showdown.

You wouldn't have to wait until Christmas--if you want to borrow my collection, I could ship it out to you next week. Then, you could still ask for Showdown for Christmas. :-) Let me know.

Just FYI: If you haven't heard of it, InFuze Magazine is an interesting source for new art/music/books, and they have several interviews and reviews for some of Dekker's books. The website is:

Eric said...

I actually have 2 tapes of SCARECROW that I have had since high school. I really need to get the CD sometime. I have always liked his music.

Standing Bear & Tapweh Mahigan said...

want a smudge bowl and an eagle feather,
brander mcdonald