Friday, October 21, 2005


My family and I are to show up at The Bridge (our church facility) at 7:05. We were told to dress casual and eat light. I'm trying not to imagine what awaits us, but I hope we return, having had a wonderful time with our friends at the church.

I've been at The Crossover for five years. It doesn't seem possible. I hope it feels the same at 25 years. It is an experiment in faith. We know what we didn't like and have tried for the most part just to make the faith journey at Crossover feel real. It has been real for me. Sometimes too real. The pain involved in growth sometimes becomes so extreme you wonder if you'll come out on the other end. That's where the tough parts of Psalm 23 kick in -- Valley of Shadow of Death, I'll Walk With You... Face to face with your enemies, I'll throw in dinner... God has been faithful to His promises.

My kids and wife walking with me has been the best part. The friends that have become so dear come in a close second. Thanks Crossover for what I have not yet experienced, but am looking forward to.

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