Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Faith of Anne Rice (and Charlie Rose)

I just watched an interview with Anne Rice on Charlie Rose. I have never read an Anne Rice novel. A few years ago, she returned to her faith, to God, to Jesus, and to the Catholic church. She has begun to write a series of novels about the life of Christ based on faith-based scholarship. She sees the Gospels as true and compelling. She doesn't believe the church wrote the Gospels to give themselves power (ala Dan Brown).

Charlie Rose subtly said a few times that he was a believer and that he even engaged non-believers in conversation about God.

It was a great conversation. I would love to have sat at that table. The words they spoke were completely orthodox and everyone would agree.

But what saddens me is that outside of the isolation of that conversation, they both would be drawn into issues of politics and because of their answers, their very faith in a living Jesus would be questioned.

We can add Anne Rice's new novel about the childhood of Jesus to my Christmas wish list. Also the book Freakonomics.


truth_teller said...

I read an article on Anne Rice today. It's a book review. It doesn't give her a ton of hope in selling her Jesus books.


Anonymous said...

Hey man --

Check out for the Yancey article on evangelicals.

It's a quick read.