Monday, October 31, 2005

Rob Smith Rule

When Rob Smith had his first child, he told me that his plan was to say yes whenever possible. Parents often say no for reasons other than it isn't a good idea. They say no because they're tired, they don't want the hassle, they are in a bad mood, ... I've never forgot that and many times when my kids ask me for something, I recall the Rob Smith Rule, and say yes when my initial thought is to say no. Thanks Rob.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind comments Brian. I read it somewhere. Nothing original from me.

Seven years later I still try my best to live by that rule. The corollary to the rule is that there are some very tough and definite "no's" that have to be said eventually to our children. Hopefully a trust develops such that the tough no's become easy for your child to accept.

Much of the time when my daughter asks me to read or my son asks me to play catch, I really want to say no...but don't. I become the one rewarded.

I hope as tougher years come my children will understand that I am genuine in my discernment in what I say yes and no to.

Doesn't God operate similarly?

I wanted a beautiful wife, children, job, friends, etc. and I have it. Sometimes I want other things that God says no to. I am glad he says no to those things.

rob smith

truth_teller said...

Thanks for a great reminder to be positive with my kids. I, too, usually want to say no or..."stop it"...when it's really me just saying..."I'm too tired to deal with it"...

Being a dad is...tough, hard, rewarding...important