Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Be Perfect

I was thinking about a sermon idea based on Jesus' statement in the sermon on the mount, "Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect."

What a statement! In my cynical, sarcastic mind, it at first feels like some kind of cruel trick. What does he really mean? I can't be perfect. Maybe that's his point. Or maybe, maybe he sees something we don't see. He sees a life that is more. He sees a life that can be. We always have to pause and point out it can't be perfected in this life, but maybe it is a life to be lived. Maybe we try too hard. We can't be perfect so we have a tough time living free and good.

Now even saying that what I have hated in my life is guitar players that say, "You just have to feel it," which I've said myself about rhythm. But you can learn it. You can feel it. You just have to let go some. The other problem is how to let go. There are many times I've let go and felt a fool. I may have to rethink those fool moments. Maybe they weren't as bad as I thought. Maybe the freedom I felt made those around me feel too exposed.

I watched American Idol tonight and I absolutely love Taylor Hicks. He is so possessed by the song. It expresses itself through him without him having to make the effort. I want to live like that. Maybe I can.

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