Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Title Change

After almost four years of blogging "What It's All About," I'm changing directions. What it is all about is following the living Jesus Christ through the world. And following Him from what I can tell is a search for goodness. There are plenty of times we should deconstruct. But we get into a habit of deconstructing. We rip this apart and rip that apart. We are fed up with this and that. We stand up against this and that. But the bottom line for me is "How are we developing the Kingdom of God, which is goodness, in the world." Don't confuse good with nice. Justice is good. But there is a depth that God desires in us which just doesn't exist at too deep a level. This requires more than ideas. It requires a search for goodness in each other in deeper levels of community. I've been on this search for some time, but as I've wanted to react to various voices around me, I've come to the conclusion that this is my place.


dan h. said...

I thought maybe you died. Glad to see you were just becoming good. :)
Dan H.

Thomas said...

Brian, go for it - I like the new title and tagline. Did you have a template change as well? (I'm still working on mine!)