Thursday, February 09, 2006


Trying to catch up on my blog reading this morning. Bob Roberts is one of those guys that blows me away. He is getting so much right these days. He tells this story on his blog. Notice he doesn't comment on whether this is a good idea or bad. He just tells the story. What a great discussion story!!

Yesterday, with his permission, I told the story of Tracey Goen and his work in Africa. He was a lot of fun to be with. He’s a very unorthodox guy. You can read Tracey’s story in the November issue of Christianity Today @ We spent a week together in Egbe, Nigeria. We went out with the Fulani people, 30 million strong, nomadic, cattle ranchers--it was very fascinating. We’re mobilizing churches there now.

As we were riding out, Tracey began to talk about what it was like for the men to have multiple wives and all the tension, etc. He told me he always took them "power pills." What are those? He answered, "Viagra!"

"What?" I asked him. He said when there are multiple wives there are lots of issues, jealousies, etc., and trying to be fair and keep everyone happy was really a chore. I asked Tracey if he would be willing to do a men’s retreat at NorthWood and pass out free samples! He declined. I thought of how this would have been good for Solomon and others in the Old Testament.

Tracey’s been made a Fulani King--a white man, a Christian, a doctor--he’s totally identified with their culture. Who would have ever thought in a million years God could use Viagra for evangelism?!!!

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