Wednesday, March 08, 2006

American Idol Girls

Last night the girls sang. Searching for Goodness going alphabetically.

Ayla took a chance and tried to be more expressive. It worked for me. It's tough to know how to look at it. She's not a natural. She has a lot of talent and she knows how to work. I think she'll survive the week. But she won't win, which is fine, but they make the pressure so high that even finishing high can feel lame. But it isn't lame. Ayla has such a good attitude that this will be a highlight experience the rest of her life as she succeeds at a number of things in life. She'll use this experience in some positive ways. I know a lot of really talented people who can't decide what to do. They could do almost anything and the opportunity of it all kind of leaves them fearing making a bad decision and missing out on something more than excelling at one thing.

Katherine took a chance on an upbeat song and it worked for me too. She is a natural, but she uses her sexuality as confidence. She doesn't need to do this. I could see her win.

Kellie is a natural too but cinderella story hasn't had the training like Katherine. She is so natually likable too. She is silly and fun and laughs along when they make fun of her.

Kinnik looks like she has a depth and a wonder to her. Her song this week was sharp most of the time and was hard to listen to. I think this will be her last week, but she should feel good and keep plugging

I can see Lisa on Broadway, which would be a wonderful career for her. This could be her last week, but I think she'll last one more week.

Mandissa is really strong. She has picked the right songs. Wow. She could win the whole thing. That would be cool.

Melissa did a great Heart song this week. Danelle and I both thought it was her best week. There is something I really like about Melissa. She reminds me of a friend. I think this is her last week, but I wouldn't mind seeing her continue. It seems Bathroom Hippo disagrees in the comments. I can't imagine what that name means, but as I'm Searching for Goodness, I think Bathroom Hippo could search for a better name.

Paris picked an upbeat song and it worked for me too. I was glad she mixed it up a bit. If she comes into her own, she may be unbeatable.

What a great set of girls. They all have so much going for them and are deserving of this opportunity. That makes it fun to watch. Simon seems a bit more bitey. We wonder how much of it is scripted for the drama. Ryan has been sharp putting Simon in his place. Still wonder how much is scripted.

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