Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Car shopping

I spent Monday looking for a car with Nikki. I was so proud of how she handled herself and how well she made her decision.

We went to two car dealers. The first one I had heard good things about. Strangely, they almost refused to tell us the price of the vehicle we were looking at. They wanted to set up a deal and just have us decide based on the monthly payment. They also didn't want us to leave. There must be a statistic that says the longer we stay, the more likely we buy. We didn't. I'll never go back.

We went to the second dealer on a referral. Nikki's mom told us to see a specific guy. We sat down in his office, told him what we wanted and what we wanted to spend. He gave us three good choices UNDER the price we told him. We test drove them all, looked them all up on Kelly Blue Book and Consumer Reports, and made an informed decision.

I was most impressed that this dealer had three internet connected computers in their lobby. They encouraged you to check things out.

The only negative was at the end they presented her with an extended warranty option which they voiced as pretty much a no brainer. I didn't think it was a no brainer and we said no. They did let it go as soon as we said no.

I'll go back in a minute when I'm ready to buy.

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