Thursday, March 09, 2006

American Idols Guys

Again going alphabetically...

Ace -- I actually thought he was amazing. I liked the song, the vocals, and the performance. He is gaining confidence. He now has a chance to win.

Bucky -- I don't see it. I think he could go home. The goodness is he will be alright. He knows who he is, which is one of the best things you can know.

Chris -- Another solid performance, but he better not get comfortable. I liked how humble he was. Now he seems to be getting a bit cocky.

Elliott -- I didn't like the song choice, but this guy is really an amazing singer. He changed his look. 100% better!

Gedeon -- Great song choice and his performances get more solid each week.

Kevin -- I love that he is making the best of what he has to give. But he doesn't have the vocals or performance to go much further. I'd say he's going home. Kevin handled himself AMAZINGLY for a 16 year old as criticisms came. What a guy! Seriously, this guy is going to be great with whatever he does.

Taylor -- Best so far for him, but I really think he can get loose. I keep asking myself, "What is a Taylor Hicks song?" I don't think he's hit it yet.

Will -- I don't see it. He could go home. Him or Bucky. I don't think he knows who he is. He has time. He's young.

So tonight, it is Will, Bucky, and/or Kevin going home.

UPDATE: Tom asked who his look-alike is. Answer is Taylor Hicks. Plus I would have to add, he is also Tom's dance-alike.

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Tom said...

I have been told that one of the guys looks like me. Which one is he (since I don't watch the show)?