Friday, March 03, 2006

American Idol Predictions

Top 6 Guys (No particular order)
1. Ace Young
2. Chris Daughtry
3. Elliott Yamin
4. Sway Penala
5. Taylor Hicks
6. ??? Patrick Hall

Top 6 Girls (No particular order)
1. Ayla Brown
2. Katharine McPhee
3. Kellie Pickler
4. Lisa Tucker
5. Mandissa
6. Paris Bennett

UPDATE: So far so good. Patrick Hall didn't make it. I didn't think he'd be first, but I really didn't know who would round out the top 6. I looked to see if I wanted to make another prediction for a sixth guy and I really don't.

UPDATE II: Alright, I lost Sway. Two guys lost. As for the girls, I'm doing ok so far. If I were to lose a girl, Melissa McGhee would be my pick to replace, but I'm not ready to change my current choices. If I were to guess the guys at this point, I'd guess Will and Kevin off next week, and Bucky and Gedeon in the top twelve.


Nathan said...

I will have to agree that you are probably correct in your predictions. I am a HUGE idol fan, but we must keep these things in perspective. Did you see the write-up the Baptist Press did on Mandisa? I really hope she goes far.

You put Kellie on your top 6, and I think she will end up there, but her performance was pathetic this week. I hope she can bring something better rather than get by on her looks and story. My pick to replace her would be Brenna (at least that is my current pick).

I also have a feeling Sway will stay (to the top 6 guys), but if last night was any reflection of what we are going to see from him, he won't stay long. My pick to replace him in the top 6 would be Gedeon.

If you are game for it, you should check out It is a free online game to predict the cast-offs each week. My picks for tonight are: Bobby, David, Stevie, and Heather...we'll see.

Bathroom Hippo said...

I'm not in agreement with you on this one.

The top 4 (combined):
Chris Daughtry
Melissa McGhee
Elliot Yamin

I would bet that Chris Daughtry will be the American Idol.