Thursday, March 02, 2006

Goodness on American Idol II

As I watched Kevin Covais perform last night, I thought, "But look at him..." To my surprise, the judges were fairly complementary, even Simon said something like, "I like you Kevin and I think a lot of people will like you." At first, I thought they were just being nice, but when Simon didn't seem to "have the heart" to criticize Kevin except for his not so outstanding vocal, I started to wonder. Kevin is not outstanding, but there is a goodness to him. And I don't know him, perhaps he isn't so "good" a person, but there is something exceptional in an average looking guy with fairly good vocals getting a chance like this.

The crassness inside of me wants to say, "This guy will never be the American Idol." But I can be happy for him. I can see the "every guy" and root for him. The other person that really made me realize this was when my four year old boy said, "Vote for the guy with glasses for me."

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