Sunday, April 09, 2006

24 Lost

Everything I want from Lost is in 24. This last week's episode of 24 was perhaps the best ever. They resolved a ton. I actually know the answers to questions I've been asking and then in the last 30 seconds, they reveal a much, much bigger mystery. Oh baby!

Lost, however, revealed tons in two story lines, and yet I really don't know anything new, and in the last 30 seconds creeped me out second only to Walt being taken off the boat. It really is funny that Henry Gale's story line was really pushing toward Purgatory (Shaun Grove's suggestion) and Dave's story line was really pushing for either all in Hurley's head or psychological experiment (Julie's suggestion). It really has a feel to me of their playing with us.

The problem with resolving a Lost is that the resolution can never be as satisfying as the mystery. 24 knows better than to hold out a mystery too long.


Julie said...

I never got into 24... I've been turned off by reports of its violence. I thought this past weeks episode of Lost was one of the best yet - mainly because it did mess with your mind. I did read on the message boards that the producers have claimed that lost is not heaven, hell, or purgatory or a reality tv show.

dan h. said...

I watched Lost a couple times and, quite frankly, was lost. I do try to catch 24 and agree with your assessment. But what do I know... my favorite shows are "the office" and "my name is earl." :)

Brian said...

24 is violent. No question.

We also love The Office. It is the one show that usually makes me laugh out loud.

Haven't seen Earl. Probably have enough shows to watch.

Anonymous said...

How pathetic is this?

We just got DVR ($18 a month) -- just because of "24". (I have an early bedtime.)

Keifer just re-upped for three years, so I guess Jack isn't going to get killed off.


Brian said...

When I got TIVO, I could buy the box and then pay something like $300 for a lifetime (lifetime of the box I purchased) membership. This was a pretty good deal. I looked at and didn't see it.

We very rarely watch live TV anymore. And we also don't watch commercials anymore. But we do watch more TV than before.

truth_teller said...

I am a 24 junkie. However, because of my schedule and lack of tivo capabilities, I don't watch the current season. I do have season 1,2,3 on DVD and am getting caught up. LIKE...menad my wife has watched 8 hours of 24 in 2 days. (Is this a waste of time?....i don't go there.)