Thursday, April 13, 2006

American Idol Update

I previously predicted the top six. How am I doing?

My picks were:
1. Ace
2. Chris
3. Katherine
4. Kelly
5. Paris
6. Elliott

Oooh... all are still in, but that would mean that my man Taylor Hicks will be going home. He hasn't been in the bottom three yet at all. My suspicion would be that Elliott will go next week and Taylor will make the top 6.

Is it too early to pick top 3?
1. Kelly
2. Chris
3. Paris

Amazingly, I thought almost all of the Queen covers were very good, and I disagreed with all of the judges and thought that Ace actually made his song an Ace song. The judges rip them for not being original and then rip them for being original. It was a funny moment though when Ace told Queen's lead guitar player the changes he wanted to make, and the response was "I'm not going to do that to my song."

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