Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bob Roberts on Developing Leaders Part III

Third, they have to be around you in your context. I used to not understand that--and it’s something I have to keep learning again and again. Whether we are in church, or overseas, or involved in a project or ministry, together is crucial. People who are busy doing don’t always have a manual or journal near them while they are working to write down everything-–and if they did--they wouldn’t stop and write it. They’re caught up in what they are doing and living it and it is their passion. I’ve always wanted to get more education in international relations. In fact, I’ve considered getting a degree in it. So, a few months ago, I was at a meeting in D.C and a prominent professor from Georgetown was at the meeting. At a break, I went over and began talking to him about getting a graduate degree to learn more and gain some "credibility" in a field. He stopped me and said, "You’re living it, you’re practicing what those guys I teach come to school for. You’d be wasting your time unless you want to be a professor." I think the apostles followed Jesus because they wanted to watch Him.

This is something I want to change in 2007. I want to create more times to be together with leaders. We've started a journaling group in our home. We are remodeling (slowly) to make our house open for people to come over in groups. I plan to start meeting with a group of young guys one morning a week to talk about pastoral types of ministries. My wife is talking about a starting a small group. We are considering opening our house up on Sunday nights for people to come over and hang out with us. The youth leaders have begun meeting once a month to hang out and plan together. That is one of the best meetings of the month! I had tried to set up these type of meetings on the first Sunday evening of the month at the church, but it has been very ineffective. If I could get more groups to meet like the youth leaders, that would be exceptional.

This also makes me think about whether I want to further my education. I've thought about it, but I absolutely want to make sure it is a benefit to my work. It isn't that I've ever wanted a title (Dr Miller) but I value education and have thought there about has to be an education that would truly benefit our work. George Fox?

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