Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bob Roberts on Developing Leaders Part II

Second, you teach first from what you've experienced. Anyone can write or talk on a subject and, yet, not be a "doer." Those who "do" and those who "talk" at first sound similar, but the deeper you go, the more you learn the differences and what may sound like semantics becomes key. Also, those who "experience" it will generally read more and more because they want to understand more. I’ve learned over the years there are two ways to gain influence, one is by what you know--people want to hear you talk about that. The other is by what you do--people want to hear the stories of what and how you did something. Teaching is passing on information. Mentoring is life-on-life and the more healthy experiences a mentor has, the more he/she has to share.

This is why I went to Haiti. This is why I want to continue to pastor as I start to coach. There are a lot of people who talk. There are much fewer who do.

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