Monday, January 01, 2007

Axis and Allies

My nephew got Axis and Allies for Christmas and wanted me to teach him to play. Have I gone to heaven?! But the game was different. Bought by another company, it had more sea zones around England and more European countries and more Russian countries. It has two more military pieces. I think they probably have fixed the problem with the old game, making it much more dynamic and interesting. I may have to buy it.

My kids played Risk with me this morning. I don't think they liked it all that much. Alyssa said she did, but she just likes doing things with me. Cayden started to lose and didn't like it. He's pretty competitive. The thing is, he was winning for awhile. If he would really want to compete, he should definitely play again. He's a thinker.

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Ben Tobias said...

Sounds cool, Brian!

Tell me some more about the new one, because Jon is learning the old one, and I don't want to play it too much if the new one is better.