Monday, February 12, 2007


We want to build a stage in our church facility. I think we'll start by building the drum riser. I'm looking at the hardware to wire riser.

Here is a floor box with 2 xlr and 2 trs 1/4" female jacks. That should take care of the plug needs of the riser. This is $50.

Except I do have the odd need to run my acoustic out over to the drum in-ear monitor. That seems like an odd thing to hardwire into a stage.

At, they have much more expensive floor boxes, but here are some floor mounts. They are flush (almost) with the floor, so if you stepped on them, they could take it, but could break. This 3 1/4" stereo jacks could allow me to run a cable from my guitar to the drum riser. This is $10.75. Plus the dual XLR female is $12.50. About half the price of the floor box. I would think the drum riser would be less of a worry than perhaps the regular stage mountings, which we might want to protect more.

Then my thinking is to put some jacks on the underside of the stage. Then we run an M/M XLR cable or TRS or Monitor cable from the snake box to the stage piece. Otherwise, when we move the stage, the cables will be hanging. Will this cut into the signal strength? Maybe a bit, but I'm doubting it will cause much problem. Whether I bought the floor boxes or the above flush mounts, I think I would buy the flush mounts for underneath. has xlr flush mounts for $11.00. But I didn't see TRS 1/4".

Partsexpress does wall plates.

Reminder: Need to buy bulk cable. Also need to ask Steve about wiring stage monitor jacks.

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