Thursday, November 15, 2007


This week, it's my daughter's turn to be sick. She's been in and out of school all week. It's a flu bug that just hangs around. I'm proud of her; she's been toughing it out and going to school anyway.

My son bought Katamari for the Playstation 2. You don't kill anybody, shoot anybody, or even beat anybody. You roll up stuff. Yet somehow his brother still seems to find a way to argue with him about it.

Sunday night, I speak at the community Thanksgiving Service. At first, it seemed like an honor. Then I kept hearing how pastor after pastor won't be able to make it. Now I think maybe I was the only possibility. Oh well, I'm preaching about the Kingdom of God.

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dan h. said...

Only two pastors are going to be at our community service too. So I'm doing music and the other one is preaching. I could say it should still be an honor, but... :)