Saturday, November 17, 2007


The opening of the Astronaut Farmer shows Billy Bob Thornton riding a horse in his astronaut suit. He then goes to the elementary school and speaks to the children, who are really excited to ask him all kinds of questions. The teacher pulls him aside and says how wonderful it is that he plays such extravagant dress up. It's good for the children's imagination. Billy Bob just smiles and is polite even though she doesn't get it at all.

I think I'm going to have to embrace weird. One thing I haven't wanted to be is weird. But it's time. I don't mean weird as in blue hair, or even an earring (which isn't so weird anymore). I mean weird in that I'm not conservative nor am I liberal. Weird in that I am an open follower of Jesus Christ, and not worried what others will think as I walk the path Christ has set before me. And usually my worry is centered on what conservative will say, rather than non-Christians.

Perhaps everybody already knows I'm weird. I've never been good at hiding.

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Tom said...

Oh, your wierd. But your wierd in a good way.
A fellow weird person.