Saturday, October 18, 2003

Vineyard Midwest Gathering

Since we are planning a Midwest gathering of our own in January, I thought it was great to be able to spy on another midwest gathering.

You can find more at Vineyard Central | Gathering.

I copied this one evaluation of the gathering by Bill Bean (Indy Church) ...

Why wasn't it your typical church conference? Here are a few reasons why I would say that:
- Virtually no sense of comparison. None of that 'How many are you running?' garbage.
- No presenters presenting solutions and winning strategies. As a matter of fact there were no presentations. It was the conference I always wanted, mostly conversational and spontaneous. Rather than sit in a seminar on the importance of relationships in the church we did it.
- No pretense. No facade. No experts. WYSIWYG church.
- Didn't have to spend big bucks. Didn't have to sit through a sales pitch.
- Alan Creech

I come away from this time couraged, built up and strengthened, ready to go a few more miles on the journey. We're not crazy! We're not alone. God is doing something in the Midwest.
God help us not to try and manage or market what's happening, to box it up or better it. 'I did not make it, no it is making me.' Help us resist the urge to reduce and master and franchise. Help us to get the point. Thank you for bringing us in to such a wide place.

P.S. Cindy, remember not to get a grip.

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