Friday, August 05, 2005


I just returned home from a trip to Ft Wayne/Columbia City IN area. My hope was to spend some time refocusing. It is hard to say whether these kind of trips are "successful," but I feel like this one was.

My days were spent mostly at Pastor Bob Eatherton's house. He and his wife were gone most of the days and left me alone with my thoughts, books, and journal. I spent Thu noon and Fri morning with Pastor George Reeser of the First Church of God in Columbia City talking about church, leadership, and life. I appreciated George's graciousness, insight, and honesty. George pastors one of the largest churches in our denomination. While Crossover will likely never look like First Church for a lot of reasons, it was still a real opportunity for me to learn a lot from one of the best church growth pastors I know.

My only disappointment was not getting to try out the Driver (golf) that Nathaniel gave me on Sunday. :(

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